We are seeking a thriving landscape where people and wildlife co-exist

Tunasaidia ustawi wa mazingira ambapo watu na wanyamapori huishi pamoja

Our Collective Vision

An ecologically and economically thriving landscape that supports both people and wildlife, and is resilient to future stress from climate change and human population growth.

Together, inspiring real change

Kuhamasisha mabadiliko ya kweli kwa pamoja

We see a tremendous opportunity to bring together conservation and development actors that have been working in this landscape for years. We’ve seen results and impact, but we’ve been often working in isolation. Now we’re coordinating our efforts through this collaboration, hoping to build upon each other’s strengths and skills, fill important gaps, and work towards achieving a shared vision and objectives.

We believe that the northern rangelands of Tanzania – and the livestock, wildlife, and people this landscape supports – will thrive by empowering local people, improving resource rights, increasing local benefits from sustainable stewardship, and strengthening the management and governance of community lands.

Land & Resource Rights

Governance & Management


Reproductive Health


Climate Resilience

Stories from the field

Over the past decade, NTRI partners have tested out various tools and approaches to improve people’s lives and the ecosystems in which they live. We’re learning what works and we’re expanding these opportunities across the landscape.

Combining Customary Community Land Certificates with Carbon Offset Sales

Communities and Tourism Companies Support Livestock and Wildlife Grazing Together

Human-Wildlife-Livestock Conflict Prevention Brings Benefits to Communities


Partners and Key Collaborators

Combining our diverse strengths

With the skills, knowledge, resources, relationships and experiences our partners can reach diverse stakeholder groups, influence policies, engage with communities and support operations. Together, we can create long-lasting transformational changes across the northern rangelands landscape.


quotationIf we can educate the community about the importance of our habitat and the effects of climate change, then I have hope that we will continue to have a healthy environment crucial to our pastoral way of life as well as the wildlife found in our area.

Gerard Raphael, Loiborsiret
Community Scout Team